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International Designer Pays Tribute to Amazigh Queen Dihya in New Collection

Source : | 6 March 2020 |  World | 463 views


Rabat – Designer Honayda Serafi has chosenAmazigh(Berber) Queen Dihya as an inspiration for her 2020 winter collection. The Saudi designer has taken a creative trip back in time to the 7th century to bring Dihya’s courage to life during Paris Fashion Week.Honayda paid tribute to the Amazigh Queen Dihya, a symbol of resistance and courage in the Maghreb against foreign invasions. The brand, helmed by Honayda, took inspiration from the Moroccan and Tunisian desert-scapes, according to The lived in Saudi Arabia before moving to Paris to study fashion. She celebrates feminine courage in her collections. The Saudi designer launched her namesake label in 2017.“In a persistent quest to empower women, I am to shed light–through each of my collections– on a female figure that left her mark in the history of civilizations,” Honayda told the National.“This season Queen Dihya not only translates the power of a woman’s mind but also demonstrates her wit and strategic reflection in the face of danger” added the designerQueen Dihya played a central role in the season’s inspiration “from the imperial accessories to the geometrical shapes”.The Saudi designer has already dressed famous figures such as the Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o and Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

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