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Suicide Attacker Detonates Bomb Near US Embassy in Tunis

Source : | 6 March 2020 |  World | 356 views


Rabat – A man on a motorcycle blew himself up in Tunis near the American embassy in an apparent suicide attack. The attack resulted in no fatalities other than the man himself, local media report.The attack happened late Friday morning, March 6, and is still a developing news story.According to sources of Tunisian outlet Realites, the man detonated the bomb near a security checkpoint for the American embassy in Tunis. The detonation also made a police car explode, Realites reports.Police have established the area of the explosion as a crime scene.The attack injured five police officers, AP reports. Witnesses on the scene said American soldiers were deployed at the embassy.Police have established the area of the explosion as a crime scene.The American embassy confirmed the attack, saying emergency personnel are responding to the incident.The US embassy is located in the eastern part of Tunis, near the “Lake of Tunis.”Tunisia suffered an attack from two suicide bombers on June 27, 2019. The attacks targeted Tunisian security services and resulted in two deaths. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks.In its advice page about travel to Tunisia, the UK foreign office says “Terrorists are very likely to try to carry out attacks in Tunisia and there have been a number of attacks in recent years.”The office explains that Tunisia is vulnerable to attacks from Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and Libyan-based ISIS cells.A series of deadly terror attacks in Tunisia in 2015 greatly hurt the country’s tourism industry. In one attack, terrorists targeted the national Bardo National Museum on March 18, 2015, taking hostages and killing 22 people.An attack in Sousse, Tunisia, killed 38 people at a hotel resort on June 26, 2015. Most of the victims were British nationals.Two other attacks in the same year targeted a synagogue and a bus with security personnel.

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