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Women’s Day is Everyday

Source : | 8 March 2013 |  Society | 470 views


By Rachid Madani

Morocco World News

Casablanca, March 8, 2013

Every year on March 8, women all over the world celebrate International Women’s Day. On this day, celebrations take different forms and the media highlights women and their importance in society, and how their rights need to be recognized and female roles in government expanded. But, I always wonder if women really need just this day to get their rights.

It’s true that in developing countries, women are still oppressed and don’t fully get their rights, especially in rural areas. There is still work needed to be done in order to help women obtain the acknowledgment in society, however, it’s not until March 8 that women could highlight their rights.

Women are mothers, sisters, wives, and every day should be theirs and they are to be celebrated and crowned, not because of what they do for society, but for their inevitable presence. Men as well are fathers, brothers, husbands and their presence in society is equally important. Every day is a day to celebrate humanity, a day to embrace both genders. Mutual respect and love is to be spread every day, every minute and every second.

It’s to be acknowledged that there are a lot of men in Morocco and elsewhere that still underestimate women and don’t give them the position they deserve, and in the worst cases she is a victim of gender violence. But this does not mean that all women are oppressed. Many women have earned important posts in various fields and proved that they are as good as man, if not better.

If this International Women’s Day is necessary, why don’t we choose also a man’s international day in which we’ll celebrate his achievements?

Both genders need to recognize each other as complementary and that every one of them is in need of the other. And what should guide their relation is appreciation, mutual respect and reverence. This recognition is to be built on a daily basis and not just once a year.

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