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Morocco to Develop Relations With All Spanish Autonomous Communities

Source : | 22 February 2020 |  News | 223 views


Rabat – Karima Benyaich, Morocco’sambassador to Spain, has said that the North African country wishes to strengthen itscooperative relationswith all regions of Spain.“We have come to support entrepreneurs in the Balearic Islands (eastern Spain) who want to strengthen their presence on the Moroccan market and affirm the interest that Morocco has in strengthening its cooperative relations with all theautonomous communitiesof Spain,” said the ambassador.Benyaich made the statement in an interview with Spanish newspaper Diario de Mallorca, during her visit to the Spanish archipelago between February 19-21.The visit aimed to bring the officials and investors of the region closer to the economic and social reforms Morocco has carried out in recent years, said the Moroccan diplomat.She pointed out that  Morocco’s progress in various fields has enabled the country to position itself at the forefront ofeconomic developmentin Africa, assured the ambassador.The visit also sought to build bridges and develop partnerships between Morocco and the Balearic Islands, especially in the economic sector, explained Benyaich.“We have complementary economies, and we must seize the opportunities offered and the strategic and unique relationships linking the two countries to meet the challenges we face together,” she added.The Moroccan ambassador also highlighted the political and social stability in Morocco, inviting Spanish entrepreneurs to take advantage of the investment opportunities that Morocco offers and its position as an ideal gateway to Africa.Benyaich emphasized the “exemplary” cooperation between Morocco and Spain in the fight against irregular migration and human trafficking. The cooperation has reduced the arrivals of illegal migrants to Spain by 50% in 2019, she recalled.“Morocco is not only a transit country for migrants, but it is also a host country,” insisted the ambassador, underlining Morocco’s successful experience in managing migratory flows.At the end of the interview, Benyaich presented the areas where the partnership between Morocco and Spain is the most beneficial, citing migration and counterterrorism.

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