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Emirati Journalist Confirms Arrest of Moroccan Blackmail Suspect Aicha Ayach

Source : | 19 February 2020 |  News | 187 views


Rabat –Emirati journalist Saleh Al Jasmi has confirmed the arrest of Moroccan Instagram “influencer” Aicha Ayach, who is the subject of an international arrest warrant from Morocco.Morocco issued the arrest warrant against the suspect for her alleged direct involvement in the infamous “Hamza mon bb” affair.“I want to inform my brothers and confirm that Aicha Ayach was really arrested,” said El Jasmi, who is the brother of Emirati singer Hussein El Jasmi.He said that authorities in the UAE will repatriate the suspect to Morocco for prosecution due to her involvement in the Hamza mon bb blackmail case.Hamza mon bb is a Snapchat account that has been active since 2016. The account shares indecent photos, information, and videos targeting celebrities for blackmail purposes.Yesterday, the court of first instance in Marrakech sentenced a hacker involved in the case to two years in prison and a fine of MAD 10,000 (around $1,000). The verdict is the third of its kind in the case.The court also sentenced three other suspects for their involvement in the case on February 11, along with a policeman who allegedly leaked information on the case to Ayach to ten months in prison in January.Moroccan “influencer” Soukaina Janah, known as Soukaina Glamour, is one of the suspects who received two years in prison.Police arrested a total of six people as part of the ongoing investigation.Security services are also investigating Moroccan singer Dounia Batma and her sister Ibtissam for their alleged involvement in the case.While the Batma sisters deny their guilt, Soukaina Janah accused them of financing the accounts’ administrators.Both sisters are on bail pending the investigation. They each face five-year prison sentences if convicted.

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