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Japanese Companies Hire More Than 40,000 Employees in Morocco

Source : | 18 February 2020 |  Economy | 63 views


Rabat – Trade between Morocco and Japan has seen a boost in recent years, making the Asian country on the right track to becoming the largest trade partner in Africa.The Japanese government considers Morocco a gateway to Africa to boosting its cooperation with its partners in the continent.Morocco’s minister delegate to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mohcine Jazouli, said on Monday that Japan can be Morocco’s first partner in Asia.The remarks mark the visit of the Japanese Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Nakatani Shinichi to Rabat.The official shared statistics about the growing rate of trade between the two countries, emphasizing that trade ties between Morocco and Japan represent 4.5% of trade between Morocco and Asia and 2.7% of trade between Japan and Africa.Jazouli underlined Morocco’s long term aim of becoming the largest partner of Japan in Africa.He said that business cooperation between the two countries is boosted by the presence of more than 71 Japanese companies in the North African country. The companies hire more than 40,000 Moroccans.Jazouli recalled that Japan and Morocco signed a few agreements in January during the 5th joint Morocco-Japan commission to strengthen economic relations.Economic relations between the two countries represent “an appropriate framework” for increasing trade and investment between Morocco and Japan.Shinichi, following talks with Jazouli, said that he appreciates the opportunities  Japanese companies have while operating in Morocco.The official also spoke about Morocco’s potential, stating that the choice of Japan to invest in Morocco is due to its strategic location.For the official, Morocco represents a gateway to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and North Africa.General manager of Mitsui OSK Lines, Masao Fukushima, who attended the meeting, also expressed satisfaction with the cooperation between the two countries, hoping for a boost to strengthen the ties.Fukushima wants to see the number of Japanese companies in Morocco increase, thanks to the support of Morocco.

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