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Morocco, Japan Reaffirm Commitment to Develop Bilateral Relations

Source : | 17 February 2020 |  Economy | 87 views


Rabat – Morocco’s Head of Government Saadeddine El Othmani met with Japan’s Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Shinichi Nakatani, in Rabat today, where the two parties reaffirmed their commitment to developing bilateral relations. The Japanese official expressed his satisfaction with the bilateral agreements between Morocco and Japan, according to a press release from Morocco’s head of government. Nakatani also highlighted Morocco’s “promising” potential in attracting more Japanese investment, particularly in its ports and logistics sectors.The minister added that at least 70 Japanese companies are investing in Morocco, and the Japanese delegation to Rabat included more than 50 businessmen looking to explore the kingdom’s investment climate. Nakatani praised Morocco’s progress in developing the country as a favorable investment destination.El Othmani expressed Morocco’s willingness to develop and diversify its economic and investment partnerships with Japan, according to a press release. During the meeting with the Japanese foreign minister and a representative of Japan’s private sector, El Othmani stressed Morocco’s achievements in terms of infrastructure and the establishment of an attractive business and investment climate. The head of government also affirmed the importance of strong relations between Morocco and Japan. The Moroccan official sees the Japanese delegation’s official visit to Rabat as a “qualitative leap” in relations between the two countries. El Othmani’s statements come weeks after the 5th Joint Morocco-Japan Commission. The meeting produced two important agreements aimed at supporting and protecting investment and the bilateral tax treaty.Morocco’s Minister Delegate to theMinistry of Foreign Affairs,Mohcine Jazouli, and Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Keisuke Suzuki, chaired the meeting in Rabat on Wednesday, January 8.The fruitful meeting confirmed the “profound, sincere, and solid” friendship between Morocco and Japan, affirmed Jazouli.The friendship is mainly linked to the “privileged relationship” between the Moroccan Royal family and the Japanese Imperial family. The relationship strengthened following the visit ofKing Mohammed VI to Japan in November 2005, said the Moroccan minister.

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