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Moroccan Football League Signs Deal with LaLiga to Exchange Expertise

Source : | 16 February 2020 |  News | 153 views


Rabat –Morocco’s National Professional Football League (LNFP) inked a Memorandum of Understanding with Spanish Football League (La Liga) earlier this week.The president of LNFP, Said Naciri, and LaLiga chairman Javier Tebas signed the agreement that “established the milestones of a new cooperation between the two bodies,” said a statement from the Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF). Under the agreement, the two football institutions will exchange expertise on administrative matters, including incorporation of sports and management companies.The agreement is also expected to allow the LNFP to benefit from the support of La Liga to modernize the audio-visual aspect of Moroccan football during  the first and second championship divisions. It will also develop national competitions “by establishing interactive and digital communication with the aim of improving the image of Moroccan football worldwide,” the FRMF added.Through the agreement, the LNFP and LaLiga also seek to guarantee fair play, as well as the fight against match-fixing and racism.

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