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Lalla Hasnaa Chairs Board of Directors of Rabat’s Foundation for Cultural Heritage

Source : | 15 February 2020 |  Arts & Culture | 278 views


Rabat – Princess Lalla Hasnaa presided over the Board of Directors of the Foundation for Cultural Heritage Safeguarding of Rabat at a meeting to examine the progress report on the state of the city’s cultural heritage. The board also came up with the action program for the current year.The Board of Directors’ meeting resulted in the organization of a range of events and workshops related to heritage preservation, as well as the implementation of an ambitious project to digitize Rabat’s heritage.The Foundation aims to share the historical, architectural, artistic, landscape, material and immaterial values ​​inherent to Rabat’s cultural heritage. It promotes synergy between the actors concerned with heritage safeguarding, raises awareness, and promotes and assesses the state of heritage preservation in the city.The city of Rabat has witnessed, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, the implementation of many structuring projects including the “Rabat, city of light, cultural capital of Morocco”program, as well as renovation programs, the development of the Bouregreg valley ,and the safeguarding and upgrading the old medinas of Rabat and Salé.The Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art as well as the Great Theater of Rabat and the Oudayas Museum also form part of the cultural heritage projects.

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