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OCP Foundation Launches Agricultural Development Projects in Cameroon

Source : | 15 February 2020 |  Economy | 510 views


Rabat – TheOCP Foundation, affiliated to Morocco’s phosphate office, has inaugurated two agricultural projects: The development of asoil fertility mapinCameroonand the construction of a soil and fertilizer analysis laboratory in Yaounde.The inauguration ceremony took place on Thursday, February 13, in the Cameroonian capital. Officials from Cameroon’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development attended the ceremony.The soil fertility map project will cover a pilot area of 100,000 hectares in Northern and Central Cameroon.The OCP Foundation offered the Cameroonian ministry several devices for soil analysis, pick-ups and motorcycles to reach the least accessible areas for the collection of soil samples, and other advanced equipment and materials.The projects are part of the partnership agreement signed by the OCP Foundation and the Cameroonian ministry in November 2018.The agreement aims to develop the agricultural sector in Cameroon through strengthening the technical and scientific skills of Cameroonian executives and modernizing the equipment of the Cameroonian Directorate of Regulation and Quality Control of Agricultural Products (DRCQ).The Moroccan foundation will train more than 130 executives from the Cameroonian ministry in various fields related to soil fertility and crop fertilization.A firsttraining coursein quality control of fertilizers for five executives and laboratory technicians from the DRCQ already took place in Jorf Lasfar, Morocco.Ultimately, the foundation will provide nine training courses in areas such as reasoned fertilization, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and soil mapping.During the ceremony, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Gabriel Mbairobe, thanked the OCP Foundation and Morocco for the important donation and invited the Cameroonian private sector to approach the ministry to benefit from the new services.Several senior officials attended the inauguration ceremony, including the Moroccan Ambassador to Cameroon, Mostafa Bouh, along with representatives from the OCP Foundation, the Cameroonian government, and the Cameroonian farmer’s federation.Known as an organization for public service, the OCP Foundation aims to disseminate agricultural knowledge to African countries in order to help develop the continent. Its actions mainly revolve around education, training, research, and development.

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