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18 Italian Mayors Declare Support for Morocco’s Autonomy Plan

Source : | 14 February 2020 |  News | 405 views


Rabat – In a joint declaration, 18 mayors from the Piedmont region, northernItaly, expressed their support for Morocco’sAutonomy Planin Western Sahara.The Italian officials “welcomed the process of advanced regionalization which provides for a new, more dynamic policy in territorial management.â€The mayors expressed their commitment to supporting the process, adding that Morocco’s Autonomy Plan plays “a central position.â€The 18 representatives of the Italian municipalities also shared their appreciation for the positive development in Morocco, citing the fields ofdemocracy, human rights, economic progress,women’s empowerment, and intercultural dialogue.The Moroccan community in Italy plays an active role in local and regional economic development, adds the declaration.The declaration comes just a few weeks after a meeting between the mayors and representatives from the Moroccan Embassy in Italy on January 25.It is also in line with the Strategic Partnership between Morocco and Italy, signed in Rabat on November 1, 2019.The declaration was signed by the mayors of Bairo, Bosconero, Castellamonte, Cuorgne, Favria, Forno Canavese, Levone, Lusiglie, Montalenghe, Oglianico, Ozegna, Rivara, Rivarolo Cuanavese, Salassa, San Giusto Canasavese, San Ponso, Torre Canavese, and Valperga.The Moroccan Autonomy Plan is a potential solution to theWestern Sahara issue, presented by Morocco to the UN in 2007. The initiative offers Morocco’s southern region of Western Sahara the right to be autonomous and have their own parliament and president. The region, however, will remain under Morocco’s sovereignty.The plan is currently one of the strongest proposals to solve the conflict, with a large number of countries declaring their support for the Moroccan initiative.

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