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Moroccan Cyclist Mehdi Choukri Will Not Race for Israel

Source : | 14 February 2020 |  News | 188 views


Rabat – A few days after joining theIsraeli Cycling Academy, Moroccan cyclist Mehdi Choukri terminated his contract and joined French club AC Bisontine instead.According toBe-Celt, a website specialized in cycling, the 23-year-old cyclist changed his mind for “family reasons” and “prefers to stay in [the French city of] Besancon, near Switzerland, his country of birth.”“Choukri is one of the talents of African cycling. We are happy to have him with us. He [can race] anywhere, has a formidable speed, and time trials are his strength. We will really allow him to move forward towards the pro course in a serene environment,” declared AC Bisontine’s manager, Pascal Orlandi.News about Choukri went viral on Moroccan social media when the young cyclist announced he had joined the Israeli Cycling Academy amidgrowing tensionin the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a cause that Moroccansdo not take lightly.Choukri is the Moroccan time trial champion. He also won theTour du Marocrace this year.The young athlete trained at the World Cycling Center, a well-renowned training center in Switzerland, between 2016 and 2017.The cyclist represented the Moroccan national team on several occasions.In 2015, Choukri won the African road championship for youth. In 2016, he won two gold medals at the Arab Youth Championship, in road race, and in time trial.The Moroccan athlete was also victorious in the Maghreb Hope Championships time trial, in 2017.

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