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Morocco to Track Origin of Products at Turkish Discount Chain BIM

Source : | 14 February 2020 |  Economy | 62 views


Rabat – The government plans to verify whether the Turkish discount chain BIM’s stores in Morocco really buy 85% of merchandise from Morocco.Earlier this week, BIM responded to the statement of Morocco’s Minister of Industry Moulay Hafid Ezlamy, who said that the Turkish company has caused in the shutdown of dozens of Morocco local shops.The minister also criticized the Turkish chain for not selling Moroccan products. In response, BIM said its stores buy 85% of their products from Morocco.“We only send around 15% of our products sold in Morocco from Turkey,”  said Haluk Dortuoglu.An authorized source from the Ministry of Industry said the North African country would be satisfied if 85% of the Turkish company’s products originate in Morocco.However, the source went on, Morocco should verify these facts because “bought in Morocco does not mean that they are necessarily Moroccan,” the source said.He added that the ministry received numerous complaints from small Moroccan traders regarding BIM’s activities. Morocco World News contacted Elalamy for a statement but has not yet received a comment.BIM has around 500 stores across Morocco, with 55 of them opening in 2019.The stores put products on discounts, providing lower prices for goods already sold in giant supermarkets in Morocco, such as Carrefour, Marjane, and Aswak Assalam.The authorized source, however, acknowledges that the problem is not evolved around BIM but the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Turkey.In several statements, Elalamy criticized the FTA with Turkey due to the unbalanced deficit that affects Morocco’s economy directly.The official reiterated that deficit due to FTA with Turkey has reached MAD 18 billion since Morocco does not import hydrocarbons from Ankara.He recalled that Turkish textile industry is one of the industries that have huge impacts on Morocco’s economy.The official warned that Morocco lost 44,000 jobs in the textile sector in 2017.The Turkish government accepted to review FTA with Morocco after Morocco’s voiced concerns regarding the deficit.Elalamy is expected to meet with the Turkish Minister of Trade Ruksar Pekcan, who he met initially in January in Rabat to discuss the FTA issues.Elalamy announced after the January meeting that the two countries have until the end of January to find a solution to the deal or dissolve it.The Turkish government, however, asked for an additional week before getting back to Morocco’s request to review the deal with Rabat, a period that has already expired.

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