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German Bus Company FlixBus to Launch Morocco-France Routes

Source : | 13 February 2020 |  News | 145 views


Rabat – German intercity bus company FlixBus announced on Thursday that it plans to launch direct bus lines between France and Morocco. The first bus will depart on Tuesday, February 18. According to the Economist, FlixBus will link nine Moroccan cities, including Marrakech, Tangier, Fez and Casablanca to 27 French cities.  FlixBus offers the possibility of travel to Morocco from across Europe thanks to the multiple interconnections between regular FlixBus’ lines and stops and lines provided directly by Morocco’s transport company CTM. The company explains that CTM was a former partner of Eurolines, a subsidiary of FlixBus since May 2019. FlixBus will also launch domestic networks this year in Great Britain and Portugal.  In 2019, the group transported 62 million people to 30 countries, up 37% from 2018.FlixBus entrance to the Moroccan market comes after Spanish bus company Axarquia Bus announced plans to link Spain to Morocco. Announced on Friday, the bus will depart from Oujda in eastern Morocco, along the north coast to Tangier where it will board a ferry to Spain’s Tarifa. 

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