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Royal Air Maroc Apologizes for Indecent Photo Taken During Flight

Source : | 13 February 2020 |  News | 190 views


Rabat –Morocco’s state-owned carrier Royal Air Maroc (RAM) has issued a statement to apologize to its customers after an indecent photo taken on one of the airline’s flights circulated on social media.The photo of Valerie Kybad, a porn actress, wearing underwear on a RAM flight has created a wave of controversy in Morocco.The photo, which dates back to October 2019,  has gone viral on social media.RAM shared a press release today to explain the circumstances, in which the photo was taken and apologized to its customers for the “irresponsible behavior.”“Following the distribution of photographs showing an indecent situation aboard one of our planes, Royal Air Maroc apologizes to its customers for these images which have menaced the reputation and values of the company,” RAM wrote.The company said it has carried out  an in-depth investigation, demonstrating “the isolated nature of the incident.”The flag-carrier announced that it dealt with the people involved in the incident with the “utmost firmness,” vowing to take legal actions against them to fix the damage to the carrier’s reputation.The company regretted and condemned the “irresponsible behavior” and dedicated part of the press release to thanking the “professionalism and selflessness of its employees, thousands of women and men totally dedicated to their mission in the service of our customers and our company.”

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