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Organizers Cancel Mobile World Congress Over Coronavirus Fears

Source : | 13 February 2020 |  Economy | 61 views


Rabat – Organizers of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) have announced the cancellation of the world’s largest mobile exhibition over the spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19). The MWC 2020 was due to take place from February 24 to February 27 in Barcelona, Spain.The GSM Association (GSMA), the event organizer, said in a statement on Wednesday that safety measures to limit the spread of the Novel Coronavirus prompted them to cancel the event. “With due regard to the safe and healthy environment in Barcelona and the host country today, the GSMA has canceled MWC Barcelona 2020 because the global concern regarding the coronavirus outbreak, travel concern and other circumstances, make it impossible for the GSMA to hold the event,” GSMA said in the statement.A large number of technology and mobile giants including BT, Facebook, LG, Nokia, Sony, Vodafone, Amazon, and Ericsson in addition to chipmakers Intel and Nvidia had withdrawn from the event citing the Covid-19 as a direct cause.The annual event has been held in Barcelona since 2006 and brings together around 100,000 people from around the globe, with a large number of attendees coming from China.

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