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Ivanka Trump Commends Morocco’s Efforts to Continue to Empower Women

Source : | 13 February 2020 |  News | 121 views


Rabat – Daughter and advisor to US President Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump is full of praise again about Morocco’s commitment to continue empowering Moroccan women.Ivanka remarked on Morocco’s government’s efforts to support the Women’s Global and Development and prosperity (W-GDP) initiative during the program’s first anniversary celebrated in Washington on Wednesday.The adviser of the US President said that Morocco is one of two African countries to have made significant milestones in the first year of the existence of the W-GP.Cote d’Ivoire’s government also received praise from Ivanka Trump.“We commend these governments for carrying out these important and bold reforms,†she said.The White House adviser emphasized that the US will be ready to assist all governments’ efforts to take action to challenge “discriminatory†legal and regulatory barriers that “hold women back and impede economic progress for all.â€The W-GDP 2019-2020 report recalled Ivanka’s visit to Morocco, accompanied CEO of Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Sean Cairncross, to meet with government officials and local leaders to discuss ways to help women to gain economic independence.“As a part of MCC’s Morocco’s Compact, the Government of Morocco recently reformed legislation to revise the structure and administration of communal lands, including for women,†the report published by the White House said.Ivanka Trump has published several tweets and Instagram posts to congratulate Morocco for the significant reforms in favor of women.The posts reference Morocco’s decision to enact laws to protect the rights of female landowners, or Soulaliyate, and their access to communal lands in the country.Soulaliyate women have been campaigning for years to claim their right to compensation from the sale or rent of collective land to private groups.“Advisor Trump worked with the Government of Morocco to advance this priority and celebrated the start of implementation during her visit to the country in November 2019. Land titling and inheritance rights are crucial to women’s economic participation in Morocco,†the report said.The laudatory message from Ivanka comes just a month after her social media post, acknowledging Morocco’s commitment to “changing laws to advance land rights for women.â€â€œCongratulations to the Moroccan government and its citizens!†she tweeted.

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