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Morocco Denies Importing Used Israeli Buses

Source : | 13 February 2020 |  News | 93 views


Rabat – Morocco’s ruling party, the Justice and Development Party (PJD), has denied rumors about the imports of  Israeli used buses to solve the lack of public transportation in the city of Casablanca.The PJD quoted a source with direct connections to  Casablanca#s public transportation sector, confirming that Morocco “did not and will not import any Israeli buses.”The same source described the news published by Italian media as “absolutely incorrect.”The statement cited by PJD comes after Italian and local media outlets reported that Morocco has received a fleet of used Israeli buses. The Italian media claimed that the buses allegedly arrived in Morocco from Italy and that Italy had rejected them after realizing they were too old and not environment-friendly.Italian media also quoted Davide Bordoni, councilor of the legal-Salvini Premier, who said that Italy should investigate the fate of Israeli buses, saying they ended up in Morocco after Italy rejected them for use in Rome.The news on the alleged import of Israeli buses comes amid frustration over the lack of transportation means in the city of Casablanca.Spanish bus company Alsa City promised to release 700 new buses in Casablanca by 2021 under a contract. The company will take over the already operational M’dina Bus fleets.Alsa City already deployed a set of fleets in the city of Rabat in 2019.Alsa City, a joint venture between Moroccan company City Bus and Spanish company Alsa, won the tender by public transport provider Al Assima in January 2018 to manage the Rabat-Sale public bus system.

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