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Moroccan Court Sentences Man to Death for Violent Rape, Murder

Source : | 11 February 2020 |  News | 88 views


Rabat – The Court of Appeal in Rabat sentenced the main defendant in the Hanane murder-rape case to the death penalty on Monday.The court sentenced a second defendant to 20 years in prison, while eight other defendants in the case received a sentence of five years in prison each.One suspect, who was released on bail, was found not guilty.The defense team said they were expecting harsh sentences, including the death penalty for the main perpetrator.Hanane’s case caused a nationwide uproar last summer in 2019.The 34-year old woman was raped and tortured to death. The incident went viral after a video documenting the incident was posted online in July.The video shows the murderer raping Hanane with a bottle.Following the rape, the perpetrator left her on the street suffering from serious injuries.The victim died from her injuries in a hospital on June 11. The case led dozens of activists to chant condemnatory statements against the increase of rape and short sentences for rapists at a protest on July 19 in Rabat.Activist, feminist, and president of Tahadi Center Bouchra Abdou, condemned the assault and rape of Hanane.Angry over the incident, Abdou told Morocco World News in a previous statement that the rapist should receive the ultimate punishment for his crime.Abdou said that the crime was more than physical violence, it was torture leading to death.The main perpetrator faced charges on several counts including intentional homicide, use of items of torture, sequestration accompanied by torture, violence, disorderly conduct, and consumption of drugs.The other suspects were facing charges of providing a location for the crime, not helping a person in danger, and incitement to commit crimes.Other suspects faced charges for recording and disseminating images of the victim.

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