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Union of African Agronomists Aims to Advance Continental Integration

Source : | 10 February 2020 |  World | 124 views


Rabat – Egypt’s Agriculture Ministry and Agricultural Professions Syndicate launched the African Union of Agricultural Professionals (AUAP) in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, on February 8.The union intends to strengthen cooperation and partnership between African states in the field of agricultural development.During the inauguration of the AUAP, Egypt’s Minister of Agriculture Al-Sayed al-Qosair emphasized that the agricultural sector represents an essential pillar in the national economy of most African countries.Agriculture contributes significantly to GDP throughout the continent and ensures food security, the minister continued.The agricultural industry also provides the raw materials needed for many industries and sustains employment, al-Qosair added.The Egyptian official said African governments are interested in achieving optimal use of agricultural economic resources in line with the African development agenda.The African development agenda aims to tackle continental challenges related to climate change, biological diversity, desertification, and water scarcity.Meanwhile, Head of Egypt’s Agricultural Professions Syndicate Sayed Khalifa stressed the need to prioritize expanding African joint farms, developing drug projects, and producing plant varieties and seeds.The Secretary-General of the Pan African Agricultural Conference, Magdy Allam, explained that the AUAP will consist of 15 members, headed by the Cameroonian ambassador in Cairo, Mohamadou Labarang. Labarang will consult with African ambassadors to select the additional members of the board of directors.Moroccan inclusion on the AUAP’s board of directors would greatly benefit the body, given the North African country’s status as a leader in African agriculture.At the Africa Agri Forum held in Gabon on November 21, 2019, participants spoke generously of Morocco’s “successful” sustainable agriculture model.In the face of multiple challenges facing national agriculture policies on the continent, Morocco has become a model to emulate for many African states.Sharing “Moroccan expertise” with African partners has been a consistent theme in policy circles in Morocco. 

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