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Novel Coronavirus: The Latest Updates and Impacts

Source : | 8 February 2020 |  24H | 8891 views


Rabat – The death toll of the novel Coronavirus continues to rise, reaching 722 in China, with 34,546 infections as of Saturday.Outside China, 270 infection cases have been confirmed with no fatalities registered.The American embassy in Beijing announced on Thursday that a 60-year-old American woman died from the epidemic in Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak.  A Japanese national also died on Saturday from the Coronavirus. The Japanese Foreign Ministry said, based on information received from Chinese authorities, the main cause of death was viral pneumonia.France also confirmed five new cases on Saturday, bringing the total to 11.The five patients are all British nationals who were staying in the same chalet in the Haute-Savoie region of eastern France.  Health authorities in France believe that a member of their group caught the virus when traveling to Singapore. Thailand also reported seven new cases, including three Thai citizens and four Chinese nationals. The total number of infections in Thailand is now at 32, the highest outside China.The UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention announced in a Tweet today two new cases of the 2019 n-CoVn in the country, bringing the total cases in the UAE to seven.Wuhan has opened a second hospital, providing 1,500 beds, Chinese state media reported.The outbreak is sparking a wave of concern worldwide urging airlines to temporarily suspend flights from and to China. Many countries have repatriated their citizens and placed them in quarantine as a preventive measure.The virus has also impacted production lines of carmakers, mainly BMW, PSA, and Toyota, due to the closure of Chinese car and auto-parts factories. Car manufacturers that depend on Chinese auto-parts are now producing at a slow pace.China is the largest car market worldwide, and the spread of the epidemic may aggravate the situation and force automakers to shut down their factories in China because of parts shortages.Hyundai has already closed its factory in South Korea.Meanwhile, the Chinese government announced a temporary name for the 2019-nCoV, calling on news media to adopt it.It will be called NCP which stands for novel coronavirus pneumonia, said the Chinese national health commission on Saturday.The BBC reported that the International Committee on the Taxonomy of Viruses has submitted a final name to a scientific journal for publication. The name will soon be revealed.

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