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Morocco’s BCIJ Dismantles Drug Trafficking Network

Source : | 7 February 2020 |  News | 130 views


Rabat –Morocco’s Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations (BCIJ)  dismantled a four-member drug trafficking network on Friday in Tangier, indicated a statement from the counterterrorism office. During the operation, BCIJ agents seized 2,400 kilograms of cannabis resin. The network was planning to smuggle the drugs abroad through marine routes, the statement noted.The same network is also said to have been active in human trafficking and irregular migration.The network smuggled migrants from the northern coasts of Morocco to southern Spain, the press release added.The BCIJ announced that its staff seized several equipment used in drug trafficking and irregular migration attempts, including paddles, boat engines, three fuel-filled drums, five air pumps, and six inflatable  boats.The BCIJ personnel put the suspects, including the mastermind of the network, in custody for further investigation to determine their possible links to other international networks and arrest further accomplies.Morocco’s security services aborted 73,973 irregular migration attempts in 2019 as part of the country’s efforts to combat the global issue.Security personnel also dismantled 208 human trafficking networks, a source from the Ministry of Interior has said.

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