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Baynan Tree Choose Morocco For Their First Hotel in Mediterranean & Africa

Source : | 19 July 2016 |  Arts & Culture | 11298 views


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London – Banyan Tree have chosen Tamouda Bay, an hour’s drive from Tangier, as the location for their first resort hotel in the Mediterranean and Africa, creating valuable jobs in the Moroccan tourism industry and attracting visitors to the region, thereby looking set to benefit the local economy.

The resort, which is due to open September 1st, will comprise 92 luxury villas, some with direct access to the beach. Ranging in size from 200 to 423 square meters and each with their own secluded pool and garden, they will be the largest and possibly the most private villas in Morocco, according to the international operator which has a thirty year history of hospitality management.

The property will include 8 spa treatment rooms, a hydro and vitality pool, hammam, yoga room, swimming pool and gym as well as a library, children’s club, ballroom and meeting facilities for up to 160 guests. Diners can eat in their privacy of their own villas (with 24 hour service) or can choose from one of the four restaurants in the resort offering Moroccan, Thai, Mediterranean or international cuisine.

Banyan Tree boasts a portfolio of more than 30 resorts and hotels, 70 spas, 90 retail galleries and 3 championship golf courses in 28 countries.

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