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Female Moroccan Pilots Lauded on Social Media

Source : | 19 July 2016 |  Society | 15859 views


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Rabat – Royal Air Maroc (RAM) posted a photograph of a jet piloted by two women early on Saturday morning that quickly went viral on social media.

RAM posted the picture to Facebook with the caption: “The radiance of the cockpit of a B787 with two women at the helm! Excellent weekend!” The post received over 15 thousand likes on Facebook and was shared thousands of times.

The two female pilots, Captain Bouchra Bernoussi and First Officer Ghita Benchaida, were praised on social media. In a widely circulated post, Facebook user Youssef Benchekroun expressed his support for the two women, writing: “God bless Morocco and Moroccan women!”

This is not the first time Captain Bernoussi has been recognized for her accomplishments. In 2015, King Mohamed VI presented her with a fourth-class Order of the Throne award  for her work with RAM.

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