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MedCOP: Ségolène Royal Calls for Concrete Actions to Fight Climate Change in Mediterranean

Source : | 19 July 2016 |  World | 10591 views


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Tangier – Chair of the 21st World Climate Conference (COP21), Ségolène Royal, called, here Monday, for concrete actions to fight climate change in the Mediterranean region.

“building on the COP21 where, for the first time, the ocean has its place in international climate negotiations, we can act together to save the Mediterranean,” Ségolène said at the opening ceremony of the second Conference of Parties of the countries bordering the Mediterranean on Climate Change (MedCOP Climate 2016), which kicked off Monday.

The commitments of States could not be achieved without close dialogue with civil society, businesses and local authorities, which are the stakeholders of the fight against climate change, she said in a speech, read on her behalf by the Ambassador for climate, Philippe Lacoste.

Royal noted that in 2015, the mobilization of non-state stakeholders has really changed, allowing for a groundswell that will not stop and will help keep the common objectives in terms of limiting temperature rises and promoting capacity for adaptation.

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