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Minute of Silence in Casablanca in Honour of Nice Attack Victims

Source : | 18 July 2016 |  Headlines | 1716 views


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Casablanca – A minute of silence was observed, Monday before the French Consulate in Casablanca, in tribute to the victims of Nice attack, which claimed the lives of 84 people, and left over 300 wounded, including children.

France’s Consul General, Arnaud de Sury Aspermont, said in a press statement that “liberty will not be extinguished after this terrorist act that left many victims”.

“We are participating in this solidarity movement to speak out against violence and hatred, and to express to the French community our solidarity and compassion following this barbaric act, which affected the people of Nice from all origins”, said Ahmed Ghayat, president of the NGO “Marocains Pluriels”.

France observed, on Monday, a minute of silence in honour of the victims of this terrorist act.

French Interior Ministry said that the latest toll from Nice attack has risen to 84 dead and 308 injured, while 58 people are still hospitalized including 29 in intensive care.

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