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UEFA Reveals Best Player in Europe Award Shortlist

Source : | 18 July 2016 |  Headlines | 404 views


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Nyon (Switzerland)- A cast of stellar names are in the running for the 2015/16 UEFA Best Player in Europe Award after the ten-man shortlist was announced this Monday.

Journalists from each of UEFA’s 55 member associations provided a list of their five best-ranked players, with the first receiving five points, the second four and so on. The ten players with the most points advance to the second vote, which will determine the three finalists to be named on 5 August.

The jury will then cast their votes for the outright winner, which will be announced during the 2016/17 UEFA Champions’ League group stage draw in Monaco on 25 August.

The nominees, in alphabetical order, are: Gareth Bale (Real Madrid and Wales), Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus and Italy), Antoine Griezmann (Atlético Madrid and France), Toni Kroos (Real Madrid and Germany), Lionel Messi (Barcelona and Argentina), Thomas Müller (Bayern München and Germany), Manuel Neuer (Bayern München and Germany), Pepe (Real Madrid and Portugal). Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid and Portugal), Luis Suarez (Barcelona and Uruguay).

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