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Brother Strangles Pakistani Social Media Starlet in Suspected “Honor Killing”

Source : | 18 July 2016 |  Headlines | 424 views


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 Fez – Qandeel Baloch, 26, a Pakistani social media celebrity famous for posting titillating videos, was killed by her brother two days ago in what the Pakistani press has described as an “honour killing.”

 The crime took place on Friday night after Qandeel had an argument with her brother, Waseem, 30, who had asked her to quit modeling and stop posting videos of herself on social media. Waseem threatened his sister repeatedly before committing his outrageous crime.

Her body was been found until Saturday morning, and her brother is now on the run from police.

Commenting on her death, Qandeel’s father said, “My daughter was brave, and I will never forgive or forget her death.”

Baloch Qandeel had received death threats from other people after taking pictures and videos showing Mufti Qawi, a famous Muslim scholar in Pakistan, which later went viral in the country, creating a controversy and costing Qawi dismissal from a religious body.

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, a filmmaker whose documentary, A Girl in the River, won an Oscar this year, commented sadly on the incident:  “I really feel that no woman is safe in this country, until we start making examples of people, until we start sending men who kill women to jail, unless we literally say there will be no more killing and those who dare to do it will spend the rest of their lives behind bars.”

Days before her death Qandeel wrote in a post on Facebook:  ‘’At least international media can see what I am up to. How I am trying to change the typical orthodox mindset of people who don’t want to come out of their shells of false beliefs and old practices.

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