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King Mohammed VI: Mediterranean Will Be Among Regions Most Affected by Global Warming

Source : | 18 July 2016 |  World | 541 views


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Tangier – The Mediterranean is probably going to be one of the regions most impacted by global warming in the world, king Mohammed VI said in a message to the participants in the second Conference of Parties of the countries bordering the Mediterranean on Climate Change (MedCOP Climate 2016), which kicked off here on Monday.

The global warning will thus affect natural resources as well as major sectors of economic activity, such as agriculture, the fisheries, tourism, industry and energy production, the King added in this message which was read out by President of the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima Regional Council, Ilyas El Omari.

The Mediterranean, a unique multicultural area of convergence, exchange and interaction, “has the potential to become a source of strength based on solidarity, to rise to the climate change challenge and collectively build the resilience needed,” he noted.

A region affected by most of the climate change impacts, the Mediterranean is in a position to turn the necessary mitigation and adaptation measures into levers for the achievement of inclusive, successful sustainable development and will thus receive international recognition thanks to its joint actions, the monarch pointed out.

The Tangier MedCOP is a good opportunity to generate considerable momentum for flagship projects, such as the setting up of an expert group on global changes in the Mediterranean, the creation of a Mediterranean platform for a voluntary, ethical carbon offsetting mechanism or the setting up of a trust fund for marine protected areas, the king stressed.

“Today, the Mediterranean must set the tone not only in terms of developing a new mode of consumption and production, but also with respect to innovation in combating climate change and, more generally, in achieving sustainable development,” the king said, noting that “our region will have but one destiny: the one we shall strive to give it.”

On the COP22 that will be held in November in Marrakech, the Moroccan monarch said this conference “will be a litmus test for climate diplomacy.”

Nothing short of world leaders’ collective commitment to give concrete substance to the Agreement, through ambitious, tangible actions and decisions, will keep global temperature increase below 2°C, the sovereign added.

True to a longstanding tradition, the Kingdom of Morocco will show its solidarity with those who are most vulnerable or threatened by climate change, the king said, adding that throughout its presidency, Morocco will devote special attention to Island States, to Africa and, more generally, to all developing countries.

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