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King Mohammed VI: ‘Time Has Now Come’ so that Morocco Regains ‘its Natural Place’ within AU

Source : | 18 July 2016 |  Headlines | 482 views


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Kigali – 

“Our friends have long been asking us to return among them so that Morocco may take its natural place within its institutional family. That time has now come,” the King underlined.

Through this historic, responsible act, Morocco seeks to work within the AU to transcend divisions, the Sovereign added.

“This well-thought-out decision to come back is endorsed by all of the nation’s forces,” the Sovereign stressed, adding that “the time for ideology is over” and the African peoples need concrete, tangible action.

“One cannot change geography, nor can one escape the burden of history,” the Sovereign noted, stressing that for this reason Morocco should not remain outside its African institutional family and should regain its natural, rightful place within the AU.

From within, Morocco will contribute to making the AU a more robust organization – one that is both proud of its credibility and relieved of the trappings of an obsolete era, HM the King stressed, noting that more than a decade after the birth of the African Union, the challenge still facing our Continent is that of “achieving our family’s unity and cohesion.”

HM the King said that Morocco, which withdrew from the OAU, has never left Africa. It simply left an institution, in 1984, in very special circumstances, stressing the fact that Morocco’s passionate relationship with the Continent explains why the recognition of a pseudo state was understandably too hard for the Moroccan people to accept.

“The time has come to reject manipulations and funding for separatist movements and to stop sustaining timeworn conflicts in Africa in order to concentrate on one course of action, that of promoting human and sustainable development, combating poverty and malnutrition, ensuring healthcare for our people, providing education for our children and raising the living standards for everyone,” HM the King said.

The Sovereign regretted the fact that some countries continue to claim that Morocco is not in a position to represent Africa, arguably because its population is not predominantly black, adding that Africa is not just about color.

“To continue insinuating, this is tantamount to misreading our realities,” HM the King stressed.

That is why, the Sovereign went on, all those who denigrate Morocco are, in fact, harming Africans themselves. The Kingdom’s popularity and its stature in Africa are well established and need no further proof.

The Sovereign also said that Africa, a continent long neglected, can no longer be ignored and it is now an active, respected partner in the debate on global governance.

“For this reason, and with respect to the Sahara issue, institutional Africa can no longer bear the burden of a historical error and of a cumbersome legacy,” HM the King stressed.

“Surely the African Union is out of step with international law since this so-called state is not a member of the United Nations Organization, nor of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Arab League or any other sub-regional, regional or international institution,” the Sovereign said.

“Will the AU remain out of step with its own Member States’ national stances, since at least 34 AU countries have never recognized or no longer recognize that entity?” HM the King wondered.

The Sovereign also said that even among the group of 26 countries that chose the ‘division camp’ in 1984, only a small minority of some ten countries remains.

This positive development, the Sovereign went on, is consistent with the trend observed worldwide since 2000, 36 countries have withdrawn their recognition of that phantom state.

The African Union is thus completely out of step with developments in the Sahara issue at the level of the United Nations Organization, HM the King said, adding that the AU is the only organization prejudging the outcome of that process.

Through newfound neutrality, however, it could make a constructive contribution to the achievement of that solution, the Sovereign noted.

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