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Ifrane Festival Features National and International Stars

Source : | 16 July 2016 |  Arts & Culture | 2826 views


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Ifaran – The International Festival of Ifrane kicked off its first annual three-day event yesterday, a celebration that welcomes people of all ages.

More than one thousand people showed up to the show last night to see some of the event’s opening performers. Latifa Raafat and Kadhim Al-Sahir opened the show last night, and scores of people cheered, clapped, danced, and sang along.

Abir Laghrissi, 30, from Marrakesh, said she traveled nine hours to see Kadhim Al-Sahir perform, a popular Iraqi singer, composer and poet.

Tonight, Maitre Gims, Abdelaziz Ahouzar, and Muslim are expected to perform. Tomorrow, Sunday, Houssa 46, Ahmed Chaouki, and Najat Atabou will perform.

Many who attended, say this festival is a good thing for Ifrane, a town that is generally calm and quiet. This weekend, many are here for the festival and many from Ifrane say it brings attention to a quiet town and stimulates the area’s economy.

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