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Morocco’s Investment Opportunities in Energy Sector Showcased in Lisbon

Source : | 15 July 2016 |  Economy | 3740 views


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Lisbon – Morocco’s investment opportunities in the energy sector were presented before representatives of over 220 Portuguese companies, at a seminar organized on Thursday in Lisbon.

The meeting was an opportunity to highlight the enormous potential of Morocco particularly in the strategic field of renewable energy and to stress its importance.

Speaking at the opening of the seminar on the theme “energy sector in Morocco: opportunities and internationalization,” Portuguese secretary of state for energy, Jorge Seguro Sanches, reiterated the determination of his country to strengthen cooperation with Morocco in the energy sector and renewable energy in particular.

The Moroccan electricity market represents a real alternative for Portugal whose production is over target, said Sanches, recalling in this regard the launching in June of a study of technical and economic feasibility for electrical interconnection between the two countries.

Ten companies have already submitted their offers for the study, said the Portuguese official, who hoped that the tender procedure for the construction of this electrical connection would be launched next year.

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