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Moroccan Engineering Students Stand Out at Eco-Marathon in London

Source : | 15 July 2016 |  Headlines | 1683 views


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Rabat – London hosted the European Shell Eco-Marathon from June 30 to July 3, and some of Morocco’s best engineering schools participated, shining through the competition.

Shell’s Eco-Marathon is an annual automobile race competition organized by the Dutch oil company. The Eco-Marathon dates back to 1939, when Shell employees made a bet on who could travel furthest with the least amount of fuel.

After preparing for the competition for a year, talented young engineering students from countries around the world had just a few days to compete in urban circuits, driving self-built cars that aim for supreme energy efficiency.

Welcoming more than 30,000 guests, the Eco-Marathon was an opportunity for studious engineering students around the world to challenge themselves by building, testing, and driving ultra-energy-efficient vehicles.

Cadi Ayyad University’s EMEC team includes engineering students from the Cadi Ayyad University’s National School of Applied Sciences in Safi, who performed remarkably by building a 100% eco-friendly vehicle they named “EMECar.”

The EMEC Team’s main objective has been to build a fully ecological vehicle for the marathon that follows global trends and guidelines regarding environmental protection.

Other Moroccan engineering schools participated in the marathon, and many also excelled. Such schools include Ecole Polytechnique Agadir’s “Universiapolis Createurs” and ENIM Rabat’s “ENIM Leaders,” who placed 30th and 31st.

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