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Two Moroccan Restaurants Receive World Luxury Restaurant Awards

Source : | 14 July 2016 |  Arts & Culture | 2418 views


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By Alexandra Krauska

Rabat – Le Palais du Jardin and L’Atelier aux Arômes Named Best Restaurants in Morocco, Some of the Best in the World. 

Palais du Jardin won the award for Best Moroccan Cuisine Worldwide, and L’Atelier aux Arômes won the award for Best Fine Dining in Morocco. These awards were given by the World Luxury Restaurant Awards, a new group that recognizes fine dining around the world and the experience created in these restaurants.

L’Atelier aux Arômes

Palais du Jardin, in Agadir, won their award with the dish “Trid au poulet beldi.” L’Atelier aux Arômes, in Essaouira, won their award with the dish “Epaule confite à l’orange, quinoa, legumes du moment et tfaya.”

There are 78 categories in the World Luxury Restaurant Awards. The winners are decided by a public vote and culinary experts.

Le Palais du Jardin

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