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Meditel to Become Part of Orange Before End of This Year.

Source : | 14 July 2016 |  Economy | 5135 views


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Rabat – As Moroccan company Meditel prepares to become a part of French telecommunications network Orange , it appointed Yves Gauthier as the new director of Meditel on Monday at a meeting of Meditel’s board of directors in Paris.

The new director of the company, who previously supervised the the Egyptian company Mobinil’s transfer to Orange,  will start his new job in September.

In July 2015, Orange signed a deal to increase its holdings in Meditel to 49%. This deal set the stage for increasing Orange influence in Meditel and the current transition.

According to Stephane Richard, Chief Executive of Chairman of Orange, preparations to initiate the change are on in full swing . Richard stated: “Change will take place before the end of this year. We are just waiting for the green light from Yves to start.’’

Gauthier explained  that the transition from Meditel to Orange will not only involve changing the brand’s colors, but will require the company to focus on Morocco so that consumers in the kingdom feel that their needs are being met.

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