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Gas Exploration Company May Have Found Saleable Natural Gas in Morocco

Source : | 13 July 2016 |  World | 1724 views


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By Alexandra Krauska

Rabat – Sound Energy, a UK-based natural gas company, completed its first tests on natural gas found in Tendrara. “I am absolutely delighted to announce what seems to be an early success,” said James Parsons, CEO of Sound Energy.

The drilling began on June 6th and reached a depth of 2,665 meters. The area they found is 28 meters deep. “I think that the first results confirm the existence of gas flowing at a commercial rate, providing important clues about the potential capacity of the well,” said Parsons.

The well achieved a stable flow rate of 1.36mn ft3/d, with a choke of 16/64”.

They plan to construct a pipeline between Tendrara and Gazoduc Maghreb Europe. The pipeline is estimated to require $50 million to complete.

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