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Royal Air Maroc Has 16th Fastest Compensation Time

Source : | 12 July 2016 |  Economy | 4018 views


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By Alexandra Krauska

Rabat – Royal Air Maroc has the 16th fastest compensation time according to AirRefund.

Of the 30 airlines in the ranking, it has the highest percentage of compensation claims by passengers who were denied boarding. More than 10 percent of claims with AirRefund regarding Royal Air Maroc are because passengers were denied a seat on the plane, usually due to overbooking.

The ranking includes 30 airlines from around the world. They are established based on the speed of compensation when a claim is processed. Royal Air Maroc takes an average of three months to process and complete a compensation request.

AirRefund is a company that assists passengers and travel professionals to make a claim and be compensated in the event that a flight is delayed by more than three hours, cancelled fewer than 14 days before the intended date, or if the passenger is denied boarding.

Because of EU regulation 261, released in 2004, airlines must compensate their passengers for these issues if the airline is found responsible.

Of all of the claims AirRefund has received regarding Royal Air Maroc, 71.4 percent of them are due to delayed flights, 17.9 percent due to cancelled flights, and 10.7 due to passengers denied boarding.

Jetairfly is the leader of the list, with an average compensation time of one month. The longest compensation time of the 30 ranked airlines is 8 months and 23 days, by Aigle Azur.

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