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‘Marhaba 2016′: Over 160,000 Expats Entered Morocco via Tangier-Med Port

Source : | 12 July 2016 |  Uncategorized | 609 views


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Tangiers – Some 160,082 Moroccan expatriates returned to Morocco via the Tangiers Med Port since the beginning of the Marhaba operation 2016 on June 5 and until July 10, a 16% rise compared with the same period last year, Tangier Med Port Authority said.

A total of 238,570 passengers transited via the Tangiers Med Port from June 5 to July 10, including 201,993 Moroccan expatriates, posting an annual rise of 8%, the source pointed out, adding that the number of vehicles and buses transiting towards Morocco reached 51,542 (+ 12%) and 647 (-4%) respectively.

During the same period, exit movement via the same port involved 57,635 passengers, including 41,911 Moroccan expats, and 20,654 cars.

The “Marhaba 2016 operation” is going smoothly thanks to efforts by the different concerned departments, according to the same source.

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