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Decathlon to Open 26 New Stores

Source : | 8 July 2016 |  Economy | 4401 views


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Rabat – Decathlon announced on Monday that they will open 26 new stores in Morocco. It is projected that the chain of stores will invest MAD 163 million and create at least 10,910 jobs across the country.

The announcement was made in front of the king, as a part of the new investment charter. This new charter is intended to attract new foreign investors to Morocco. It also included the fusion of the Moroccan Agency of Investment Development (AMDI), the Moroccan Center for Promotion and Exports (Maroc Export) and the Office of Fairs and Expositions of Casablanca (OFEC), to consolidate promotion efforts.

Decathlon is a multinational sports equipment chain that sells clothing, equipment, and gear for 35 different sports, including running, physical fitness, camping, fishing, archery, skiing, and more.

There are currently four Decathlon stores in Morocco, in Casablanca, Marrakech, Tangier, and Mohammedia.

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