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Mediterranean Ministers of Tourism Conference to Be Held in Casablanca

Source : | 7 July 2016 |  Economy | 4830 views


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By Soukaina Lahlou

Casablanca – The 4th annual 5+5 Tourism Ministers Conference will be held at the Four Seasons hotel in Casablanca on July 11, 2016.

The event will be attended by Lahcen Haddad, the Moroccan Minister of Tourism, as well as ministers and ambassadors from countries in the Western Mediterranean region including Mauritania, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Spain, France, Italy, Mali, and Portugal.

“Tourism and Climate Change,” the theme of conference, will be a unique opportunity to shed light on many points of major interest to Morocco. The conference will also help countries promote sustainable tourism in the region that is respectful of environmental resources and regional values.

This conference comes before Morocco hosts the COP22 in Marrakesh in November. The forum aims at adopting the Declaration of Casablanca on Tourism and Climate change, and at proposing specific solutions lending renewed impetus to the tourism offer in the Mediterranean Basin.

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