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200,000 African Tourists Visit Morocco Every Year

Source : | 7 July 2016 |  Arts & Culture | 678 views


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Dakar – 200,000 African tourists visit Morocco every year, including 45,000 Senegalese Nationals, regional director of the Moroccan Tourist Office (ONMT) for Africa, Jalal Imani, said.

The number of Senegalese tourists who visit Morocco should be doubled in 36 months, given the exceptional ties between the two countries, Imani said in an interview published Thursday by newspaper “L’Observateur”.

Discussions started with Morocco’s carrier RAM for the launch of two weekly flights from Dakar to Fez in addition to the three daily flights linking Senegal’s capital and Casablanca, he said.

Tourism is a key-sector for Morocco as it accounts for 7-9 % of the kingdom’s GDP, he added.

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