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Inside the Walls of Old Medinas: Preparing for Eid El Fitr

Source : | 5 July 2016 |  Arts & Culture | 452 views


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By Kim J. Avalos and Tatiana Flowers

Rabat – As Ramadan closes, Morocco World News compiled small vignettes of Moroccan people’s reflections on fasting this year, as well as what people have planned for Eid.

“Inside the Walls of Old Medinas” is a compilation of thoughts and opinions gathered from a group of people randomly selected on the streets of Rabat, as well as the Old Medina. People of both genders and a wide variety of ages were interviewed for this package.

Some of the answers included, “I like this Ramadan. It’s a little hard and difficult because of the sun but it’s still good. The day is long, but we’re still pleased,” and “Families meet with each other and people gather together. The soul and people change and become more active. Traditional industry and the atmosphere evolve.”

To see more, view the video below.

Even though they say I am an old lady, I do fast.

I was born outside of Morocco in Oklahoma, where I lived for seven years before I came back here. I like all Moroccans, I celebrate with them.

I am a housewife and I work. I bring the kids to my mom and then come back to work.

Now I am like a housewife at home. With the kids and the husband, I am like a housewife.

To be honest the first day of Ramadan, you are not supposed to eat but I did. BUt by accident, I did not do it on purpose, In the US you see people eating and then I forgot.

I love these times of celebration because there is an atmosphere which is different than that of the other days of the year.

I like the benefits [of Ramadan] for the health, lightness and peacefulness of mind.

There is a small difference between what adults and young people do [for Ramadan]. But there are common things we do all together as respect toward tradition and religion. Old Man in Rabat

I like the benefits [of Ramadan] for the help, lightness and peacefulness of mind.

I am proud of my job because sometimes I get old pieces that are 100-200 old and when I fix it, it’s my passion and pleasure.

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