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Casablanca Finance City Receives Economic Francophonie Award

Source : | 30 June 2016 |  Economy | 343 views


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Brussels – Casablanca Finance City (CFC) received, on Wednesday in Brussels, the Economic Francophonie Award, as a Moroccan financial center with Pan African vocation.

The Award was given to Said Ibrahimi, CEO of CFC by King Philippe of Belgium during an official ceremony attended mainly by the Belgian deputy prime minister and Foreign minister.

The Economic Francophonie prize annually rewarded a company or an institution that has distinguished itself for innovations or outstanding achievements in the areas of administration and management.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ibrahimi said that “this prestigious award confirms the accuracy of the positioning of Casablanca Finance City, an initiative born in 2010 out of the vision and the will of HM King Mohammed VI to promote South-south partnerships.”

Casablanca Finance City is an economic and financial hub aiming at attracting and encouraging international investors to expand in Africa by offering an integrated ecosystem.

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