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ANRT Urges Service Providers to Discontinue Unlimited Plans

Source : | 29 June 2016 |  Economy | 607 views


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Rabat – The National Agency of Telecommunication Regulations (ANRT) encourages service providers in Morocco to discontinue plans that allow for unlimited messaging, calling or data, and to be less generous to their clients.

A representative of ANRT said that “the study on the validation procedures for details of offers of telecommunication service providers” was conducted, and motivated by “the changes that the telecommunication market came to know in the past few years… This study resulted in the updating of guidelines for the review of the service providers that have been in use since 2010.”

This change will affect potential new clients the most, because they will not be able to use one of these plans. Existing clients will most likely not be subject to changes for a while, at least until they renew their contract.

ANRT said, “the compliance of certain detail of deals with these lines can, in certain cases, result in a revision of the marketing conditions of such offers for new acquisitions (the new customers), or even for existing contracts upon the renewal of the subscription.”

Several phone service providers in Morocco offer unlimited plans for a low price, making these plans popular. They are especially attractive to heavy users that would use more minutes, messages or data than other users.

These unlimited plans are expensive for carriers, even though they bring in many new clients. The increased traffic, particularly among heavy users, means the service provider must purchase additional equipment to accommodate it.


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