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Mentally Disabled Woman Murdered in Casablanca

Source : | 29 June 2016 |  News | 11697 views


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By Myriam Ait Malk

Rabat – Casablanca police authorities arrested two male ex-convicts who are accused of raping and murdering a mentally disabled woman not far from Ain Chock in Casablanca.

Ain Chock’s police brigade arrested the two suspects on Monday, June 27, who are suspected of participating in the rape and killing of a young mentally disabled woman, setting fire to her body after sexually abusing her.

According to the National Security Department’s press release, both suspects were living in vagrancy when they sexually abused the young woman, tying her up and voluntarily setting fire to her entire body in a deserted street in Ain Chock, Casablanca.

Both of the suspects were arrested while being under the influence of solvent drugs, known in Morocco as “diluent,” and were immediately taken into custody for the investigation.

Investigations continue in order to identify the victim. The young woman’s body was deposited at the morgue and currently undergoes an autopsy.

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