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Marrakech, Second Most Popular Destination for French Tourists

Source : | 29 June 2016 |  Arts & Culture | 440 views


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By Alexandra Krauska

Rabat – Based on the number of searches on the tourism site, Marrakech is the second most popular destination for French tourists. Agadir, the next Moroccan city on the list, lands in tenth.

Trivago is a German company that operates a website to help travellers find deals on hotels and lodging. Travellers can book hotels at decent rates, and hotel owners can advertise for their business. After their stay, travellers can review the hotel, letting future guests know about their experience.

Based solely on search references, it is difficult to make assumptions about the number of tourists that actually travel to Marrakech, but it is one way to measure how interested people are in travelling there.

Based on a report by the Ministry of Tourism, French tourists make up the largest percentage of tourists in Morocco. For many years, it has been the largest market for Morocco. However, this percentage is getting smaller as more tourists of other nationalities are visiting.

The Ministry of Tourism has noticed a significant amount of growth in the tourism industry since 2010, and the number of Brazilians visiting increased by 19 percent. In total, the industry grew by about nine percent.

Their plans to continue the growth of the industry include promoting cultural development, increasing the number of flights to and from Morocco, and encouraging foreign investment. France’s relationship with Morocco is very close, and is one of the top foreign investors in the country.

Cultural development across various regions of Morocco includes the organization of cultural festivals, creation of institutions of fine art and museums , and restoration of medinas and historic landmarks.

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