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Most Popular Flight to Morocco Connects Marrakech and Paris Orly

Source : | 28 June 2016 |  Economy | 377 views


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By Alexa Krauska

Rabat – According to a study by National Office of Airports (ONDA), 50,851 passengers took the flight from the Marrakech-Ménara airport to Paris Orly in May, 2016. This makes up about 3.32% of all air traffic in Morocco. There were about 1,533,108 passengers in all flights in Morocco that month.

The next most popular flight is from Muhammad V in Casablanca to Paris Orly, followed by Muhammad V in Casablanca to Paris Charles De Gaulle.

Morocco and France have a very close economic relationship. France is Morocco’s primary trade partner, with about €8 billion exchanged between the two countries. Morocco is attractive to foreign investors from France as well.

Flights between major cities in Morocco and France would encourage business and tourism. The Ministry of Tourism hopes to increase the number of international flights from Morocco in order to make Morocco more accessible for tourists.

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