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Nancy Ajram Releases Song Congratulating Prince Moulay Rachid on His Baby

Source : | 25 June 2016 |  Arts & Culture | 370 views


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New York — On Friday June 24th, popular Lebanese pop singer Nancy Ajram released a music video congratulating Moroccan Prince Moulay Rachid and his wife Lalla Oum Keltoum on the birth of their first son, Moulay Ahmed. 

The 33-year-old singer, who has already performed three times at Rabat’s Mawazine Music Festival, clearly holds Morocco and its royal family dear to her heart. 

The song is called “Ytraba fi 3ezkom” or “In Your Grace,” which is a popular Arabic phrase told to parents to celebrate their newborn. In the song, Ajram sings, “Alf mabrouk,” or “A thousand congratulations” over and over.

According to HuffPost Maroc, the music video was produced by Kuwaiti poet Musaâb Al Anzi, who also produced “Al Maghreb Al Mochriq.” The video (see above) includes footage from Moulay Rachid and Lalla Oum Keltoum’s wedding.

The video, which was published on YouTube, has been seen more than 6,000 times in just a few hours.

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