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King Mohammed VI Gives Instructions to Reopen Five Madrasas in Fez

Source : | 25 June 2016 |  News | 5807 views


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Casablanca – King Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful, gave instructions to the ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs to reopen five Madrasas and Dar al-Muwaqqit, historical institutions that have been restored as part of the rehabilitation program of the historical buildings of the old Medina of Fes.

The announcement of this decision was made by the minister of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, Ahmed Toufiq, at a ceremony chaired by the King on Friday at the Library of the Hassan II Mosque Foundation in Casablanca.

Ahmed Toufiq said that the King gave instructions for the rehousing of some students of the Al Qaraween university who are in the final year in the Madrasa Mohammadia, built by late King Mohammed V and which comprises 25 rooms and two classrooms, and in Madrasas built at the time of Marinids, namely Seffarine (25 rooms and three classrooms), Mesbahiya (35 rooms and two classrooms) and Sbaiyyine (23 rooms).

According to the Royal instructions, the Sahrij Madrasa (26 rooms and two classrooms) will also be opened to host the students of the department of Moroccan calligraphy at the University the Al Qaraween, the minister added, noting that a total of 134 rooms will be made available to the students.

Toufiq added that the Sovereign also ordered the reopening of Dar al-Muwaqqit (a room in the minaret of the Al-Karaouine mosque), noting that Moroccans, who have always paid special attention to the concept of space-time and excelled in this area, will be able through this house-museum to discover the scientific heritage of their country.

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