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Morocco: ID Card to Replace Birth, Life, and Residence Certificates

Source : | 23 June 2016 |  News | 5452 views


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By Safae Kajouane

Rabat – Thanks to the new National Electronic Identity Card known as CNIE, Moroccans will no longer need to present birth, life, citizenship, or residency certificates for official proceedings.

Mohamed Moubdie, Minister of Public Service and Administrative Modernization, addressed this during an interview with the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM) in an oral question-and-answer session on June 21 at the House of Representatives.

He emphasized that Article 7, Number 35-06 of the new CNIE law states that this new form of identification “replaces the birth certificate, the certificate of residence, life certificate or certificate of nationality in any proceedings in which these documents must be produced.”

Thanks to this measure, Moroccans can streamline their administrative procedures with their biometric passports. Citizens will only have to submit a copy of CNIE that will stand for the documents cited above.

Answering another question echoing the complaints of many Moroccans who state that “some officials of government require those documents and certificates, and ignore the dispositions,” the Minister called this behavior “unacceptable” and called on citizens to report these cases to the relevant authorities.

Edited by Christopher Thomas

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